Coporate Secretary

Reynant Hadi was entrusted as KPEI Corporate Secretary as of January 2017 up to today. In addition, he also serves as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners since 2012. Holding Law Degree and Master Degree in Business Law from Universitas Indonesia, he began his career in KPEI since 2003 until today. He started his career as a staff of Legal and Corporate Communications Department (2003-2009). After that, he served as Head of Legal Department (2009-2011), Head of Legal, Communication and General Affairs Division (2011-2012), and Head of Legal and Membership Division (2012-2016).

Role of Corporate Secretary
Corporate Secretary has the role as a communication liaison between the Company and its shareholders and other stakeholders. In addition, the Corporate Secretary takes the role in maintaining and improving the Company’s positive image. The Corporate Secretary is directly responsible to the President Director.

Corporate Secretary Duties

  1. Being a liaison between the Company and Indonesia FSA, shareholders, SRO, other institutions and the public;
  2. Advice and provide input to the Board of Directors so that the Company always abide by the applicable regulations, as well as conforming to the Company’s ethical standards;
  3. Prepare and communicate accurate and complete information regarding the Company's performance to the capital markets public and other stakeholders;
  4. Responsible in coordinating the Corporate Governance implementation, including conducting periodic review of the charters and code of corporate governance;
  5. Assist the Board of Directors in:
    • Make a specific list of the relationships between members of the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and their families, both in the Company or its affiliates;
    • Preparing the required information related to the Board of Directors requests for documents from the Board of Commissioners, Indonesia FSA, SRO, as well as other institutions.
  6. Ensure that the Company has complied with the reporting requirements and information disclosure in a timely and accurate manner;
  7. Documenting the various activities and the Company as well as publish information on a timely basis in accordance with the Company’s policies;
  8. Follow the capital market development, especially the applicable regulations in the capital markets as well as the Corporate Governance practices so as to provide information for the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and internal company when required;
  9. Maintain and enhance the positive image of the company, both nationally and internationally.