Corporate Policy Manual

KPEI is strongly committed to implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG) consistently and continuously in all of its business processes and operations, upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency, and fairness. KPEI also encourages all employees to play active roles in the implementation of good corporate governance. Thus, it is expected that the implementation of good governance is not an obligation but a part of the Company’s culture.

In line with the commitment to implement GCG consistently and comprehensively, KPEI strives continuously to improve the quality of GCG by completing the structure required to run the organization, such as:


1. Code of Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guideline
2. Code of Conduct KPEI Code of Conduct
3. Whistleblowing System  


1. Board Of Commissioners Charter Board of Commissioners Charter
2. Board of Directors Charter Board of Directors Charter


1. Audit Committee Charter
2. Credit Policy and Risk Management Committee Charter
3. Haircut Committee Charter
4. Investment Committee Charter
5. Internal Audit Charter


1. Inter-Relations and Company Identity Policy
2. Corporate Social Responsibilty Policy
3. Project Management Policy
4. System Development Policy
5. Secretarial Policy
6. Data Centre Policy
7. Database Policy
8. User Data Management Policy
9. Computer Network Policy
10. General Policy (Information Technology)
11. Wireless Network Policy
12. Password Policy
13. Human Resources Policy
14. Organization and Work Culture Development Policy
15. Fixed Asset Management Policy
16. Accounting Policy - Book 1
17. Accounting Policy - Book 2
18. Financial and Taxation Policy
19. Procurement Policy
20. General Administration Policy
21. Risk Management Policy
22. Internal Audit Policy
23. Internal Control Policy
24. Enterprise Risk Management Policy
25. KPEI Investment Policy
26. Guarantee Fund Administration and Management Policy
27. Offline Collateral Management Policy
28. Default Management Policy
29. Information Security Management System Policy: Information Handling
30. Information Security Management System Policy: Management and Utilization of IT Asset
31. Information Security Management System Policy: Internal Audit of Information Security
32. Information Security Management System Policy: Encryption and Management of Cryptography Key
33. Information Security Management System Policy: Compliance