Credit Policy And Risk Management Committee

Based on the Indonesia FSA Regulation No.26/POJK.04/2014 regarding Exchange Transactions Guarantee and Settlement, KPEI is required to establish the Credit Policy and Risk Management Committee (KKKPR) to plan the credit and risk management policy in KPEI and set investment policies for Guarantee Fund and Guarantee Reserve. Planning in credit and risk management policy is conducted as part of KPEI’s function in performing exchange transaction settlement guarantee, while the Guarantee Fund investment policies recommendation is intended to ensure the daily operations execution associated with the administration and management of the Guarantee Fund do not deviate from the provisions and policies that have been defined.

KKPR committee membership consists of five (5) members with one (1) person serves as coordinator and member with defined membership requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Credit and Risk Management Policy Committee
Credit Policy and Risk Management Committee is in charge of determining KPEI’s credit and risk management policy and provide recommendations to KPEI Board of Directors with regards to Guarantee Fund investment policy, as well as carrying out other tasks which include the following:

1. Conducting mandatory meetings at least once a month and make written record of the meeting;
2. Provide recommendations with regards to the Guarantee Fund investment policy;
3. Provide recommendations on the Clearing Guarantee Institution operational surplus allowance which must be set aside as Guarantee Reserve;
4. Provide recommendations for credit policy and risk management policy;
5. Provide recommendations on the bankruptcy handling of Clearing Member;
6. Provide approval of the costs associated with accounting and auditing the Guarantee Fund financial statements;
7. Provide feedback on KPEI monthly report with regards to the implementation of KPEI’s Credit and Risk Management Policy.

Members of KPEI Credit Policy & Risk Management Committee :

No. Nama Perusahaan
  1  Syafriandi Armand Saleh  PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk
  2  Andre Tjahjamuljo   PT UBS Sekuritas Indonesia
  3  Antony  PT KGI Sekuritas Indonesia
  4  Iwanho  PT RHB Sekuritas Indonesia
5  Karman Pamurahardjo  PT Profindo Sekuritas Indonesia