Fixed Income - Membership and Account Structure

Participants that are eligible to order, transact, and facilitate clearing and settlement process for Bonds are Clearing Member (AK-EBU), both on behalf of AK-EBU as well as its clients. Specifically for settlement process, clients can also use Custodian Bank as Settlement Agent, to fulfill the rights and obligations from/to KPEI. Furthermore, AK-EBU shall perform confirmation to KPEI regarding the appointment of Settlement Agent; the Settlement Agent will need to perform affirmation in return.

To become AK-EBU, prospective participants are required to sign the membership agreement and registration applications that are available on KPEI website. To access KPEI Clearing Members provisions, click here or to access KPEI Rules Number II-3 regarding KPEI membership, click here.

To perform securities or cash book-entry, AK-EBU has Depository Account (001 Account) while AK-EBU clients have Depository Sub Account (001 Sub Account).