Index Futures - Membership and Account Stucture

Participants that are eligible for futures order, transaction, clearing up settlement guarantee are Clearing Members (CM), both for CM as well as its clients.

To access provision on how to become Clearing Members, click here. To access rules governing membership requirements, please acces KPEI Rule Number II-3 about Clearing Member

For Futures transaction settlement, KPEI opens multiple accounts at the Payment Bank on behalf of CM, Futures and Options Collateral Account, Futures and Options Guarantee Fund Account, as well as Futures and Options Settlement Account. Other than the three accounts, CM are also required to have Futures and Options Operational Account registered to KPEI as the destination account for funds receiving rights. Meanwhile, for CM clients, they are required to open Futures and Options Collateral sub account, Securities Sub Account and Client Cash Account. However, for clients who have registered and entered into equity transactions, they are only required to simply open a Futures and Options Collateral Sub Account.

Securities Account Structure Illustration :