Investment Committee

KPEI establishes the Investment Committee which aims to assist management in financial investment strategic decision making and optimize financial investments results. This committee was also established as one of the efforts to improve governance in the form of human resources provision in investment management at the strategic level.
The membership structure of the Investment Committee consists of the Board of Directors, General Manager and Head of Divisions in charge of Finance & Accounting as well as Guarantee & Risk Management functions.  Committee members are appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors by KPEI Board of Directors Decree, whereas for the tenure of the Investment Committee Members is tailored to the tenure of each member’s main position.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Investment Committee
The main duties and responsibilities of the Investment Committee is to review and provide input on the financial investment strategy recommendations prepared and submitted by the Finance and Accounting Division function as well as making investment decisions, to achieve optimal return on investment with prudent management.

Members of KPEI Investment Commitee:

No Name Position
1 Sunandar President Director
2 Umi Kulsum Director I
3 Iding Pardi Director II
4 Satya Birawa Head of Risk Management Division
5 Kristina Ernawati Head of Finance and Accounting Division