KPEI Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of Company’s contribution to sustainable development goals by impact management (i.e. minimizing negative impact and maximize positive impact) to all stakeholders, KPEI performs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program or KPEI Berbakti. 

KPEI Berbakti activities are part of the Company’s compliance to Law No. 40 year 2007 about Limited Liability Company, Law No. 8 Year of 1999 concerning Customer Protection, Law No. 13 Year of 2003 concerning Manpower, Indonesia FSA Regulation No.51/POJK.03/2017 regarding Implementation of Sustainable Finance for Financial Service Institution, Issuers, and Listed Company, Global Standard Initiative as the best practice adopted by the Company, Corporate Governance Guideline, as well as KPEI CSR Policy. 

Several goals that the Company achieves from KPEI Berbakti activities are:

  1. Providing benefit to stakeholders
    KPEI intends to grow with the community and always pay close attention social and community aspects. For that, KPEI strives to contribute so that the Company’s presence is beneficial to the community.
  2. Balancing company’s relationship with stakeholders
    KPEI commits to maintain the community’s and customers’ trust. KPEI believes by contributing socially to the community and environment, the Company will gain as well.
  3. Strengthen stakeholders’ involvement
    KPEI realizes that the Company needs to involve stakeholders’ role and promote stakeholders’ contribution. By doing so, KPEI Berbakti’s benefits will be felt by all stakeholders.

All activities and total funds distributed by the Company related to KPEI Berbakti for each year, can be seen in the Annual Report section.