Member Interface

Member Interface (MI) is a portal that serves to provide integrated and comprehensive information related to the activities carried out by Clearing Memeber (CM) in connection with KPEI functions to conduct clearing and guarantee settlement of stock exchange transaction.

By accessing this portal, CM can easily find information about Risk Management related to the transaction activity conducted by CM that calculated by KPEI and CM Trading Limit Value. Beside Risk Management information, CM can also know clearing and settlement position through Obligation and Right Report.

Some of the menu associated with KPEI Risk Management System (RMS):

  • Risk Management Report: Information on the valuation of collateral and the risk of CM unresolved position.
  • Static Data, Risk Management Info: information risk parameter used by KPEI.
  • Trading Limit Allocation: the allocation of Trading Limit menu CM information to various markets (Equity, Fixed Income, Securities Lending and Borowing and Derivatives).

Member Interface also provides information on:

  • Right and Obligation Report: Information clearing positions and rights and obligations of AK information on each settlement date
  • Simulation of order, collateral and trade: Trading Limit for the simulation adequacy order, the addition of collateral and the transaction to be carried AK
  • Message: delivery menu questions or complaints on KPEI

The concept of Straight Through Processing (STP) in the Member Interface

Member Interface flow process is based on Straight Through Processing (STP):

  • Order value of stock transactions by exchange members through PDC system will look at the Dashboard Member Interface.
  • Collateral Valuation done by the New RMS system will be displayed in the Dashboard and Effective Collateral Collateral Report on Member Interface.
  • Matched Trade will be calculated risk by the New RMS system will then be displayed in the value of collateral in the Dashboard Member Blocked Interface and Exposure Report on Member Interface.
  • Trading Limit valuation results are calculated net of collateral exposure values ??are then displayed via the System Interface Member of the Dashboard and Report Trading Limit
  • Unresolved position for each settlement date can be seen on the Obligation and Right Report.

Member Interface-2